Friday, January 25, 2013

30 Days 100% Raw: Day 24

I had a hard time getting my act together today.  I don't know what it was, well I do have a theory.  We got a new white noise sleep CD and I had such a hard time waking up.  I am going to blame the CD because I can! Haha!  I noticed an interesting change last night.  Ever since my first miscarriage I've had heart flutters (or murmurs I guess) and a racing heart beat.  The doctors really didn't have any advice for me and said it was all stress related.  Anyways I noticed that I haven't had a heart flutter this whole month and my pulse has slowed down to a nice steady rhythm.  I really think I can thank the raw foods on this one.  So what did I have to eat on my disorganized day?

2 Apples
4 Mini Sweet Peppers stuffed with bean free Pine Nut Hummus
4 Raw Pizza Crackers topped with Avocado, Sprouts, Mushroom, and Olives
1 Navel Orange

I started this whole thing doing more 80/10/10 but I find myself going more toward veggies in the middle of the day and a bit higher fat.  I think it has to do with it being so cold in Minnesota at this moment.  My body is needing some more overt fats to help stay warm and satisfied... well that's my theory anyways.  I have been listening to what my body wants and going with it.

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