Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Official

Hello Rev. Konop,

This is to confirm that

Amber Elizabeth Konop

has been ordained as a minister of the
Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Date of Ordination: March 25, 2012
by Kevin Andrews, Pastor

There are a few reasons I got ordained as a minister one if because you need to be either a part of the church or a licenced bodyworker (ie. massage therapist) to physically touch people.  Since I am not a massage therapist this option made sense to me.  Another reason is because many are concerned that Reiki is a religion.  It's not, and as a Christian woman I feel that it's God has brought me to this path.  I am here to help others help themselves in a more natural way than taking medicine.  Now Reiki is not a substitute for visiting your doctor and maintaining their recommendations.  Reiki is a way to align the energy centers in the body to allow it to heal itself more successfully.  There have been studies to show the benefits of Reiki and in many hospitals you can find practitioners helping others.  Getting ordained is allowing me to do this in a way that the government finds suitable.  I am not going to marry people or anything like that.  But more bridge the gap between energy healing and faith.  If you have any questions regarding Reiki please do not hesitate to ask or comment.  Now, I better get ready for my busy day.

Rev. Konop :)


  1. Congratulations Amber! :) You are also able to do the Raindrop Technique as anointing under minister/healing umbrella without being a massage therapist. Got to call it Raindrop Healing or something,and have a waiver that you are not treating any disease, providing a therapy, etc etc. Maybe you already have one people sign for energy work. You can get the DVD to learn RDT and I am planning a Raindrop Buddies (for spouses/friends to learn together) class on that this fall.

  2. Thanks Jen! That is very exciting about the RDT... I'll have to get the DVD and attend your class in the fall. I find it very interesting. I should get it done too sometime to see what it is like. :)