Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Fun Day

Monday's are bittersweet for me.  On a high note it's the start of a new week and to me that can be very exciting since I never know what my week is going to be like until it gets here.  On a low note it means the hubby is gone while he finishes his fieldwork.

As I look back this weekend was pretty good.  On Friday I went to my favorite Chiro and got adjusted and then chatted about Reiki.  I am excited that they are interested in it.  Then I went over to my favorite massage therapist and gave her a Reiki session.  I am hoping she e-mails me a testimonial because the way she explains what she felt before, during, and after is so eloquent.  On Saturday I went to a essential oil class about emotions.  It was a really good class.  I think I could do the protocol very easily during Reiki.  It's great at purging and balancing our emotions.

So what will this week bring?  Well my sister is coming over on Tuesday to get a Reiki session and then staying the night.  That will be nice.  On Friday I have two Reiki sessions back to back so that will be interesting.  Then we are off to my parents for Easter weekend.  I am also getting my list together of the essential oils I want to order on the 15th.  It's so hard to pick and choose since I want them all.  Right now I have the following list going for myself:

  • Joy (it's 10% off this month) I love this scent and it's great in so many ways for aromatherapy.
  • Thieves Mouthwash, I am so glad this is finally back in stock
  • Lavender, I go through about a bottle a month
  • PanAway, this is a new favorite for pain relief.  It's great on backaches, headaches, sore muscles...
  • Thieves Foaming Hand wash Refill, We love this soap in our house.
I would love to add more but there is always next month.  If you want to get in on free shipping let me know before April 15th and I'll add you to my order.  You can order direct if you want through Young Living.  Click on member sign up, then become a member.  Then you can choose to be a customer or a independent distributor.  A customer pays retail pricing.  If you are really into oils I recommend becoming a distributor because you get wholesale pricing.  Use member number 1310759 when you sign up for either choice.

Well I suppose I should get ready for my week.  Happy Monday everyone!

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