Sunday, March 25, 2012

Healing: Life

Life has been amazing since the last time I wrote.  The hubby came home for the weekend (which is always exciting since he's away for school the rest of the week), I got my Reiki 1 attunement, and I am finding myself so at peace.

It's amazing when everything starts coming together.  My massage table came in on the day I went to get my Reiki 1 attunement so I could start practicing right away.  I got some great tips and pointers from Amber, my master teacher on how to help people and make this my own.  My hubby has been super supportive which just tops everything off.  It's amazing to be completely happy.  I don't think many people are but right now I honestly cannot complain about anything.

In other news I am looking for people to practice on.  So if you are interested in a free session let me know.  It takes about an hour and I use both aromatherapy and reiki together to give you the ultimate experience.  I am hoping by the end of next month I can get my next attunement and then really focus on getting Ki Wellness up and running.  I am going to look through some more SBA stuff this week and figure out what's what.  Why do they have to make it so confusing?

Anyways, that is all I really have to report today.  I haven't done much else.  I better pick up the house though because right now it's a disaster!  Happy Sunday!

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