Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Co-Op Conversations

I love my co-op, seriously.  I love that I get to talk to the customers and interact with them.  Our co-op is a meeting place for friends and neighbors.  We have such a wide variety of people too that every day is interesting.  I tend to get those who are on a healing journey (which works well for me as I am as well and I am learning to become a health coach).  Here's a few summaries of the conversations I have had in the past couple of days:

Self worth:  We are worth the extra dollar or two to get organic produce.  It is healthier and will make us healthier.  Sadly we tend to feed our pets better then we feed ourselves.  Remember you are worth being healthy!

Diet confusion:  People turn to diets because they just don't know what to do.  But healthy is really simple.  Shop on the outside of the store and stay away from the middle.  When you cook with love and healthy intentions that food is full of love and healthy intentions.  Case in point, nothing tastes better then when mom makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  No one can replicate it like she can.

Dr Oz will always rule:  I am not sure how it happened but whatever that man says is gold.  I want to caution people that he is paid to promote certain items and yes supplements can help but there is no magic pill to creating wellness.  It's a journey that should be treated as such.  Each day on that journey we learn something new about ourselves.  Eating good quality food, having good relationships, having quiet time whether in prayer, meditation, etc, and maintaining a positive outlook on life will give you the highest form of wellness that no pill can give you.

Find a co-op near you: http://strongertogether.coop/all-coops/
Visit the People's Food Co-Op: http://www.peoplesfoodcoop.com/

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