Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Days 100% Raw: Day 29

It is soooooo close to the end of this month and I cannot believe how fast and relatively easy it went!  I have learned so much about myself and I now am certain that plant based vegan diet is the way I need to go to feel my best.  Once January is over I am not going to be as strict about being 100% raw as I was for January.  I plan to eat very high raw with some cooked vegan food every once and awhile but there is no need for me at this point to set strict rules for myself on percentages.  So what did I have to eat?

Apples with Almond Butter (so obsessed with this right now)
Mean Green Soup (this is now one of my favorite go to meals!)

I didn't eat much on day 29 but that is due to lady time.  I am not hungry on day 1 of that time and usually have to force myself to eat.   That might be a little TMI but it's the truth and it can effect how and what you eat.  So there you go :)

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