Saturday, January 12, 2013

30 Days 100% Raw: Day 11

I am feeling amazing right now.  Who knew that all it took was live food to change a person's outlook.  My husband and I were talking about raw foods and he said he was proud of me for doing this.  I told him that I thought that this was the way I needed to eat, maybe not always what I want to eat.  But it's what my body needs.  It's getting easier to think of meals and cravings are going away.  I don't have many but sometimes I think about warm bread right out of the oven or pizza.  Funny little cravings that don't last long.  I took some beets that had been in the refrigerator for awhile and sliced them up thin and put them in the dehydrator to make chips.  I don't eat lots of dehydrated foods but I also don't want foods to go bad.  It's nice to have a snack item too for both my hubby and I that is healthy.  They turned out great so I know they won't last very long in this house.  So what did I have to eat today?

1 Qt. Ginger & Grapefruit Juice
2 Apples
3 Dates
Large Garden Salad with Avocado
3 Dates

We decided to go out to eat yesterday for dinner.  I know, gasp!  A raw foodie at a bar?  What in the heck did I order?  I asked for a large garden salad without croutons and some avocado.  I paid extra for the avocado but it made it a little hardier.  It worked out great, it was raw, and I got to go on a dinner date with the hubs.

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