Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eat: Paleo French Toast In A Cup

Hello all my lovely readers.  Today I bring you Paleo French Toast in a Cup or at least my version of this.  I don't have a microwave (I know, gasp!) at my house so I had to do a little changing to this recipe to make it work in an oven.  I think these would make yummy muffins too, but I used a bowl that could go in the oven.  Here's what you need (makes 1 serving):
1 egg
2 T Flax Meal
1/4t Cinnamon
5 Fresh Raspberries (feel free to sub any berry)
1/4t Baking Powder
1t Olive Oil

Combine everything together minus the berries and stir until incorporated.  Add the berries last.  To make this in the microwave put it in a coffee mug and cook for 1 min.  To use the oven set the temp to 350 and bake about 15 min or so until baked through.  Drizzle with some raw honey and enjoy!

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