Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fruitfully Frugal

I like to be frugal... not to the point where I am an extreme couponer or one of those people who haggles everything.  But I do like sales and coupons and using then effectively.  I was looking at Susan's website Organic Deals where she posted about a facebook game you can play to win coupons for Home Depot.  It's called Zombie Mulch and as you play you accumulate points.  There are 3 levels and each level gives you a coupon.  So I played and got to the point where I won the $5, $10 and $15 coupons.  They e-mail them to you and you can print them out.  They are for the garden center only in Home Depot but I figured I would get some pumpkins and such.  So I bet you are wondering, how did I do?  Well I did this in 3 transactions (not sure if you had to, but it was easier for me).

Transaction 1
Pie Pumpkin $2.28
Large Pumpkin $4.48 x 3 = $13.44

Tax $0.05
Total: $15.77
Applied $15.00 off coupon

Grand Total: $0.77

Transaction 2
4.5 Inch Bonsai Odesa $10.98

Tax $0.07
Total: $11.05
Applied $10.00 off coupon

Grand Total: $ 1.05

Transaction 3
4 Inch Deco Pot Houseplant $5.98

Tax $0.07
Total $6.05
Applied $5 off coupon

Grand Total: $1.05

So to put it all together my total would have been $32.87.  I paid a total of $2.87 which is a 91% savings!  I think that qualifies for fruitful and frugal.

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