Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eat: Soupalicious

Nothing says Fall like soup.  I have recently made French Onion and Cheesy Bacon Potato and Leek Soup. Both were delicious and really got me in the Fall mood.  Another reason I like to make soup is that it's cheap, makes a lot, and freezes well.  I always try to make enough to freeze 2 containers for later.  It makes it an easy way to make an instant dinner for those times you just don't want to use a lot of effort.  Lately I have been going toward one of my favorite cookbooks, Super Natural Cooking Every Day by Heidi Swanson.  She's also the wonderful food goddess of 101 cookbooks.  She makes delicious vegetarian food and her recipes are always so easy to follow.
Tonight I decided Green Lentil Soup was just what we needed on the gray dreary day.  Of course me being me I substituted a few of the ingredients.  I used split peas (they are cheaper then lentils and it's what I had), I didn't make the brown butter but incorporated the curry in the soup itself, and instead of red pepper flake I added some cayenne pepper.

Voila!  It turned out fabulous!  It got rave reviews from the hubby.  I really recommend this recipe.  Here's a few other cookbooks I really recommend for super tasty cooking.

This cookbook is great to learn how to preserve fruits and veggies in a variety easy to follow recipes

This book is beautiful.  The pictures really bring the food to life and her explainations on ingredients and nutrition is very valuable.  It provides a great entry into vegetarian cooking.

Another great book with wonderful pictures.  This one goes from breakfast to dinner drinks and everything in between.  Another great resource in vegetarian cooking.

This one is a great book on how to cook with a variety of food allergies.  It provides subsitutions to turn any recipe into one you or your family can eat.  It is in the metric system so you may need a conversion chart.

This book is great for those who are vegetarian and those who want to eat a bit more plant based.  Offers lots of suggestions and has a ton of recipes!

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