Monday, October 15, 2012

Confessions From Your Local Produce Girl

I have to laugh sometimes at the things people say to me.  As most of you know I am the produce girl at the local Co-Op in Rochester.  Oh people, here's some things you may or may not know.

  1. Local does not mean organic and organic does not mean local: We label for your pleasure where your food is coming from and if it is organic.  While we try to have only organic at our store but the small local farms we order from cannot afford pay the government to get the certification.  No matter how much you ask I cannot call their produce organic because it isn't government certified.  But do know this, at our store we will label if it contains conventional sprays.
  2. Yes, the freshest, newest produce is put in the back of the pile:  What you may not know though is that it all comes from the same box in the cooler.  When you choose things from the back you are making more waste because the ones in the front are ripe now.  If you do not buy them then they are going to be thrown away or composted and then you are making more work for me. 
  3. Stop yelling at me that the berries are coming from Mexico:  It's fall people and we are getting past the time where local farmers have fruit.  That means we have to get it from warmer climates such as California, Florida, and Mexico.  If you want to eat local then buy your berries in season and preserve them.  In our area we are not meant to eat fruits in fall and winter.  Right now it's root veggie season.  Deal with it.
  4. Just because I work in the produce department doesn't mean I love eating all produce:  I am just like you were I love some fruits and veggies and some aren't my favorite.  Please stop giving me that look when I say I don't like Eggplant.  I don't, I am sorry, I try, But it weirds me out.
  5. Free samples are not there to feel your kids a meal:  Yes, we put our samples so you can try some produce before having to buy it.  This does not mean you can camp your child in front of it and let them eat it to their heart's content.
  6. Unless you are going to buy it, please stop touching everything:  If you are not going to buy tomatoes please do not put your paws all over them.  You are bruising them which in turn means I have to pull them and dispose of them.  You would be surprised at the pile I compost/throw everyday.
  7. Pretty produce isn't any healthier or tasty than non-pretty produce:  Our food comes from the ground, trees, etc.  This generally involves dirt.  Pretty produce isn't healthier, tastier, or riper than the non-pretty ones.  A lime with a brown spot on it is probably more ripe than the perfect green one.  Pears start to brown as they ripen.  I hate that I have to get rid of produce because it has a blemish because you will not buy it if it's not perfect. 
That are my confessions for now.  I hope you enjoyed them ;)

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