Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well This Is It

I've done a lot of reflecting on my life and what I share with all of you.  Some may say I am a blog addict.  I love blogging, but I've found that I keep changing my mind about how I blog.  While driving home today it came to me.  I needed 1 blog that had all the aspects of my life.  Instead, I was keeping everything separate.  I had a food blog, a crafting blog, and a healing blog.  Really they are all me and what makes me, me.

So here it is.  This blog isn't going to just contain food, or crafts, or healing things.  It's going to have everything that I want to share about me and my journey to a healthy life.  I am going delete all my other blogs.  I need to bring all these aspects of my life together.  The time is now, dear readers.  I love comments and questions and sharing so please feel free to do any of those things.

Here's a little bit about me:
If you ask my family they call me a hippy.  I am a lover of all things crafty, healthy, and healing.  I like to make my own things, and trying to make everything from scratch.  I believe that health starts at the gut and that healthy eating doesn't need to be boring but fun and experimental.  I believe that there are many natural options to health.  Essential oils, herbs, and energy healing are all important to me.  I also believe that there isn't one right way about anything.  I like to laugh, blog, and read.  I love helping people.  I also love quiet time, rainy afternoons, and just hanging out with my family.


  1. Oh no don't delete them! You'll regret losing all of those wonderful posts and images someday! Plus you might could use the extra "storage space." :)

    I bought a few of your soaps and a lip balm yesterday, can't wait to get them in and examine em. =D I've got all my supplies ready to go for my very first batch of cold process, and I'd love to pick your brain about working with the silicone molds. (I have both the round and square ones I use for MP already, but I've heard I might need to let the soap sit in them a bit longer before unmolding...real or not real?)

  2. Gladly,
    I saw that you ordered some soaps! I am going to get your order ready tomorrow and ship it out on Monday. With silicone molds it really depends on the recipe. I would keep it in the mold for a good 24 hours. It might need to be longer depending on the oils you choose. What recipe are you trying? You can e-mail me at and we can chat.

  3. I am going to start out with a very basic recipe from Lovin Soap blog sometime this week I believe, and hopefully--if I still feel confident--there is another I would really like to try.

    I just did my first public sales this week (and planning for more--now that my stock has been completely decimated haha) and was so excited by the turnouts and feedback, I really can't wait to get started branching out! I put up a few pictures up on my gaming blog at

  4. Good for you Gladly! I recommend trying out some single oil CP soaps as well. It's a great way to learn how each oil reacts in soap. My favorite is 95% Olive Oil & 5% Castor oil.

  5. Do the largely Olive Oil soaps need to cure longer? (like castille?)

  6. Yes they do. You can use them after about 6 weeks but they are at their best after about 6 months. It makes the most gentile soap though. I use a water discount so it hardens up a lot faster and I find I can use it earlier too.

  7. Ah ok. In remember reading something about less water for that reason in some recipes. Can't wait to get started! Do you have any favorite EO's to suggest? I really love peppermint and tea tree, but I know that minty/medicinal scent doesn't appeal to everyone. Those plus lavendar, lemongrass and patchouli are the only natural oils I have atm. It's so hard to pick out new ones haha.

    Love the new header image!

  8. Lavender/Peppermint is a nice blend as is Lavender Patchouli. I also like: Lemon, Grapefruit, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Orange, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, and Ylang Ylang. But I do recommend to have lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and a citrus because you can do so much with those beyond just using them in soap.