Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raw Food: Juice Feast

Tomorrow starts day 1 of my Juice Feast.  A juice feast is like it sounds.  All my caloric intake will be from fresh juices and smoothies.  The goal is to drink up to 4 quarts of juice a day.  As an intuitive eater I'll drink as much as my body tells me to.  So what are the kinds of things I'll drink?  Green juices, veggie juices, fruit juices, smoothies with avocado and/or banana, water, tea, coffee (I know it's not good for you but I can only give up so much at 1 time).  Think of it like those chocolate shake drinks that are full of chemicals and ingredients you cannot pronounce, but mine is in a natural way.  Here are some answers to your questions I can see burning in your head:

Will you get enough calories?  Yes I will.  I promise to report back as much as possible (daily is the goal) with what I drank and the calorie breakdown.

What about protein?  I'll get enough protein.  There are many protein sources out there beyond eating meat.

What about calcium and iron?  Again there is a lot of other sources out there that have calcium and iron.  Beets are full of iron and greens have lots of calcium.

Will you get bored?  It's possible, but I plan on varying my juices and smoothies as much as possible.

How long are you going to do this?  Well, my goal is until Easter Sunday, but who knows.  I'll go until it makes sense to me.

If there is anyone else out there that wants to give it a try google Juice Feast for lots of info.  Raw Food Rehab has lots of information as well.

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