Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Juice Feast: Day 6 & 7

Well I have officially been going at this for a week.  I have had some interesting things happen these past few days.  My eyes have been hurting and I have been tired.  Today I did forgo the juice feast and have something else.  My body said to do it so I did.  I think I just needed it.  I did consume only liquids up until that point.  The juice feast isn't over it just had a minor hiccup.  I think the hardest thing these past two days was having enough time to make enough liquids for the day.  For example: Today I didn't really have any time so I ended up having to grab something at the local health food store today for lunch.  I will share a recipe today.  The quart on the left of the picture was my breakfast on day 6.  It kept me full for most of the day.  Here's what's in it:
1 banana
1 cup Almond Milk (any other milk would be fine)
1 scoop Raw Protein Powder
3 tbsp Raw Almond Butter
1 tbsp Cinnamon
Blend all together until smooth.  It's awesome!

In other news on March 24th I am going to get my Reiki 1 attunement.  This will allow me to finally help others and myself with energy work.  If you don't know what Reiki is here's a simple explanation:

Reiki is a non-invasive, natural energy-based approach to healing. It supports your own healing processes by affecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Widely known as an ancient method of healing and relaxation, Reiki has been successful when used to treat pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMS and more. It can be used with anyone—children, the elderly, pregnant women and the very sick as there are no ill side-effects. Reiki is gentle and effective.

I am beyond excited.  I feel called to do this type of work.  I would love to eventually tie this in with aromatherapy to help others help their bodies be able to heal themselves and have a practice.  If you have never had a Reiki treatment you are really missing out.  It is an amazing experience.  Eventually I would like to get my Reiki 2 and 3 attunements.  But one step at a time.  

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