Friday, February 17, 2012

Crafty: Time to Get Ready

Well it's time to get ready for my next show coming up at the end of March.  I am really excited about this one.  I've slowly started focusing on making natural products without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances.  They are items that I don't want in my products that I buy so they are not going to be in the products that I make.  This might shrink my customer base but I feel like a hypocrite when I make other kinds of products.  Even though the scents can be fun and the colors bold and amazing, they are not natural.  These are the things I am thinking of making:

  • Soap (I usually make bastille soap but I may do some different types this time, all will be naturally colored and scented with essential oils)
  • Laundry Detergent (I am thinking scented with: unscented, grapefruit lavender, lavender and peppermint patchouli)
  • Essential Oil Rollers (these will be mixed oils with a carrier oil and essential oil blends good for headaches, muscle aches, sinus issues, etc also some blends that can be used as a perfume)
  • Room Spray (mixed with alcohol these will have scents good for the air such as deodorant type scents for stinky rooms, linen sprays, and aromatherapy type scents.  They are also body safe)
  • Bath Bombs (scented naturally)
  • Lotion (I make a nice thick lotion that is free of all the nasty stuff)
  • Incense Cones (made from all natural products)
  • Crayons (something for the kiddies, these will be made from natural sources and colored with food coloring gels)
  • Lip Balm (All natural, no preservatives)
  • Luminaries (made from a high melt point wax that can hold tea lights or those battery operated lights)

I think that's it so far.  Some of the items are new that I have never made before so we'll see how they will turn out.  It's fun to try out some new things.  Looking at that list... I think I am going to be busy until the show.   I do wish I had some more Young Living EO Blends because I think they would just be amazing in some of these applications, but I'll have to make do with what I have.  If only I had a million dollars right?! :)


  1. All of these sounds exciting! There are so many things I want to expand and try as well, but I am trying to start with baby steps for now into lip balms, bubble bath and of course CP. We had a really successful Valentine's 2-day sale that left me with almost nothing, and I am waiting on a huge shipment of supplies to arrive (hopefully) Monday so I can put my nose to the grind again to get ready for a larger scale craft fair in mid-April. I'm dreaming of an Etsy shop too, and have a couple of customers (ooh, I have customers!!) that have requested specific items and one with an order of $100 left to me to pick and choose. Aaaagh, panic! But I love it!! ;)

  2. It is fun and demanding. I love the creativity. Each show I try something new. It allows me to play without getting bored making the same stuff each time.