Friday, February 1, 2013

30 Days 100% Raw: Day 31 Conclusions

Well yesterday marked 31 days 100% raw and I have to say the journey was amazing.  I know I have said that before but really looking back it was.  This last week I stopped thinking so much about what I was going to eat and just ate and it wasn't hard to be raw.  I am so glad I decided to start 2013 this way.  Here what I learned:

1. Raw foods make me feel good.  Not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
2. I learned to put my health first.  When I went on vacation with my hubby's family I stuck to 100% raw and while it wasn't the easiest thing I did it and am so glad I did.
3. Meat and dairy are not good for me.  They weigh me down again not just physically.  I find that I do not need them in my diet.
4. Strict 100% raw is not for me.  I need versatility and if that means using spices and such that aren't raw but are vegan is okay with me.
5. I need cooked food every once in awhile.  Psychologically I feel the need for cooked food and it seems right to me at this time to allow myself to do that when needed.

So what does this mean for me?  Well you are now looking at a high raw vegan.  I am not going to worry about percents because that is so hard to judge in my opinion but I am committed to eating mostly raw foods and every once in awhile eating cooked vegan food.  I am such a big fan of plant based diets that as I am going to go to school to become a certified health coach that is what I am going to promote.  I want to help others ease into eating plant based diets with high raw foods.  Now I just need to finish my book because I do think others would be interested in this story.  I think they may want some recipes I came up with and it just might inspire someone else to give this a try.  Thank you January resolution.... you changed my life for the best!