Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Reiki is something I am passionate about.  It is something I feel called to do.  Many people do not know what it is or what it consists of.  This website has a great FAQ about reiki.

So what is my goal in all of this?  Well I want to incorporate aromatherapy and reiki together to provide a wonderful healing experience for those open to it.  Unlike massage, the client does not get undressed except to take off their shoes.  We use a light touch is specific areas to help align the energy in the body.  Most people feel supreme relaxation that helps assist the body in healing itself.  Many times it's used in conjunction with other therapies.  I love helping people and I fully believe that God has pointed me to this path and that this is the way I am meant to help people.

Aromatherapy to me is something I have really gotten into the past couple of years.  Scents can help our bodies in multiple ways whether internally, aromatically, or on the skin.  I just became a Young Living Distributor (I <3 this company!) and cannot wait to learn more from Jen Nordin as she is my guru.  It's my personal belief that when I combine these two things together my clients will have a wonderful experience.  That will aid them in ways they never thought possible.  My heart is so full with the possibilities!

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