Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crafty: Solar Lantern

So I love those sun jars and I've been thinking I could make something like that on my own.  While checking out some DIY/Crafts on Pinterest I found some tutorials on how to make something on your own.  Most of them utilized mason jars (and I am a good ole mason jar lover).  But I had some tea light lanterns from the dollar store hiding in a drawer since I didn't really know what to do with them yet.

So I took off to my local Dollar Store and found some solar garden stakes and came home with a plan.
I popped off the stake part and got this:
Then I heated up the good ole hot glue gun and got out my lanterns

I ran some glue around the bottom edge of the solar light and stuck it on the top of the lantern.  Then I ran another bead of glue around the outside where the lantern and the solar light met
I stuck it in the sun and then tested it out.... what do you think?
I love it!  The whole cost to make 2 solar lanterns was $4.00!  You can't beat that in my opinion.

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